Together with Kelly & Matteo on a lonely beach in Italy for their Lovestory.


I meet Kelly & Matteo for the first time in 2022 in Verona, Italy. We had a perfect time together in the city, good talks & many laughers. It was one of the hottest days in the year, so even at sunset our shoot in Verona was quit challenging but we made it.
In October 2023 I was on my way for an Venice Elopement and an After-Wedding-Shooting in the Dolomites, so they contact me again and ask for another lovestory. My timeslots for another shooting where nearly zero, so I ask them if it’s possible for both to come for an intimate lovestory at the beach of Jesolo for sunrise. Both agreed and so we meet up right at 5 am in the morning on the lonely beaches of italy to create our very own “Italian Beach Lovestory”.
It was cold, the sea was very rough and it seems that there’s no sunrise this day…but we where wrong and after some minutes of nearly darkness and ISO 12800 on my Camera it was magically. I always dreamed of sunrises like this and this day it happened! Scroll through the Photos and have fun…will you be the next sunrise lovestory?